Most coworking spaces in Bengaluru are mostly introvert and have an uninteresting ambiance. Nobody wants to be stuck in a cubical room continuously. Usually taking long breaks may not be possible, instead of having openings towards an open space, and providing natural light and fresh air to accumulate, this may increase people’s mental flexibility.

Why iCowork ?

I found iCowork is designed importantly for space efficiency, natural light and cross ventilation as planning parameters. This is a place where it is directly or indirectly connected to the outdoor atmosphere, every part of the spaces is designed in this workplace makes people work effectively.

Every person has mood swings sometimes. A well-designed space should be able to calm the mind and make a person focus, iCowork has a nice atmosphere that helps the mind calm down.

Green space is very important in a workspace because it provides a combination of both short range and long range views causing the eye to constantly refocus, which benefits eyes and improves mental stability in coworking spaces.

These outdoor spaces which provide natural ventilation and natural light coming inside the workspace make better concentration and improve in short term memory in office workers.

Outdoors spaces make people gather for some informal lunch, informal meetings which are important for a person to work more productively.

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