Modular Workstations

Our workstations are modular in nature with ergonomic chairs on castors. The workstations are also provided with a pin -up board and a storage unit on request.

Cabins for meetings

The cabins adjacent to the group workstations are perfect for the team head and can also be utilized for discussions and meetings.

Workstation clusters

We provide you with option to choose in the groups ranging from 2-7 workstations depending on the size of your team.

Inspiration, pronto!

Each workstation is provided with a motivational graphic or a inspirational picture that can be customised on request.lorem ipsum ipsum

Team Zone

We have a work-zone for a team of 9. This can also double up as a conference or a training room for 10 to 12 people.

Comfort first

The workstation groups are great for team work with the larger corner unit which can be utilized by the team leader.

Room for more

Dedicated storage facility is provided for the workstation clusters of 5 and 7 to help with easy handling of files & folders, employee records, etc.


Meet & eat

With a cozy cafeteria to help with the fresh brewing of ideas, you get to brainstorm and have thought-provoking discussions.

Floor Plans

We have monthly, daily and even hourly rates!