A Coworking Space That Combines Outdoor With Indoors


As I got out of the Indiranagar metro, I didn’t know a cup of coffee would get me closer to my dream.

I happened to meet my senior in CCD where she told me about Ixora CoLab / Co-working which caught my interest and made me curious to have a look at the workspace. As we started walking towards the ngef lane, it was very pleasant and calm. Getting closer to Ixora Suites, I could feel the fragrance of Ixora which lead me towards the reception. The warm welcoming of Buddha with a small waterfall and nicely arranged pebbles made me more enthusiastic about the CoLab.

The friendly gesture of the manager and the way he greeted made me comfortable though I was new to the place. This created a solid impact on me. After having a sneak peek of the cafeteria, my senior led me to the place that I was eager about.

Talking about Ixora CoLab which is a part of Ixora Co-work, the warm lighting brings in more charm to the place leading me to an open plan environment, which is more of a team-oriented layout giving a feel of ease as I was looking for an innovative space for a start-up.

In my opinion, Ixora Colab / Co-working is a base for a start-up where you can have a wide range of networking and connecting with people of different ideas. Provided with the facilities like conference room cum interaction zone, Co-work space that combines outdoors with indoors bringing in more beauty to space and also adds as an informal gathering point. It also creates a serene and tranquil atmosphere because of the presence of indoor plants. The wall hung paintings in the co-working zone act as boosters on a hectic day. Ixora CoLab also consists of a pantry and cafeteria, where you can interact with people over a cup of coffee and bring in more ideas


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