Cool networking event ideas to host in coworking spaces


In the current freelancing and startup ecosystem, networking has become a very crucial aspect of the business. Much focus is being given to creating relationships rather than simply creating business contacts. That is why startup events, conferences and meetups have become vital to establishing vital business relationships. From marketing your products to branding and funding, the right networking strategies can go a long way in giving direction to your startup.
To help you manage costs, you can use your own coworking space to drive great networking ideas. Shared office spaces like the BangaloreCoworking Hub can be used to host different forms of networking events. From connecting with industry peers to influencers, mentors and VCs, you can build the right relationships to spread the word and support your success.

Some cool ideas to host in your coworking office are:
· Set up demo sessions to get unbiased feedback from the rest of the community members. This will also help you identify gaps and prepare ahead of your launch.
· You can schedule weekend happy hours and use the time to not only relax but also get to know your community members. As was mentioned before, if is always about building relationships than creating contacts.
· You can open your door once or twice a month to meetups (tech meetups, cultural meetups etc) and share your ideas. It is also a great platform for cross-learning and giving a new direction to your business.
· You can also organize an awesome hackathon in your space and learn more about the latest updates in the industry.
· Coworking spaces are also a great platform to host 3-minute pitch sessions once a month wherein you can invite industry leaders and VCs to share the platform.
For more details and tips on creating interesting events in your coworking space, write to us and share your ideas.

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