How Co-working spaces create your identities?

How coworking can create your identity

While traditional office setup recruited independent workforce, could not have the luxury of seeking resources and support at coffee shops, homes or any transient locations, today working spaces have evolved into startups, businesses, and support for larger organizations. Remotely located employees get recruited to support on a short-term basis with no contracts, startups with less overheads use Coworking spaces due to its flexibility and amenities.

We can picture the impact of these Coworking spaces on entrepreneurs, taking into considerations the amenities, perks and culture of sharing spaces with diversified people under one umbrella. They feel invigorated and thrive to work, the fact being the flexibility of these spaces, amenities and the community they can depend on for networking.

Recent surveys conducted indicates that members felt Coworking Spaces created better identities for both them and their organizations. They experienced a higher value of productivity and higher desires to thrive. While a percentage were neutral and said it’s just a workspace. Members also indicated that Coworking spaces enhance their credibility and professionalism. It gives them a sense of belonging and helps create a better profile as a professional.

Remote access workforce indicated that they were accepted the same as the non remote access workforce and they felt part of the organizations they catered to.
Coworking spaces give a better profile for new startups on their potential partners or clients. It makes their business look professional and trendy, creates a better image to aid in acquiring clients.

In totality, a survey indicated that Coworking spaces is an ideal space that workers and organizations prefer due to its financial aspects, flexibility, practicality and cultural based. Although it is just a space that creates a process of access and occupies, unit creates a sense of belonging to a community, nurtures interactions, spaces that target certain specific criteria like women workforce, or profession based like lawyers, fashion industry or architects , have the luxury to switch easily with no long term contracts and can nurture and grow their organizations where they can relate to the community existing and can enhance their identity being a part of that community.

It’s a win-win situation for workers and employees, where they can thrive and self-identify their potential and their purpose.

Icowork, is an eco-friendly environment, being the only green building for Coworking Spaces that is energy efficient and incorporated rainwater harvesting and also visual treat to your eyes with its landscaped green terraces. Located in the city center of Indiranagar Icowork is situated within the vicinity of a metro station and amidst fancy restaurants and cafes. Icowork business suites also offer accommodation to its traveling members including breakfast.

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