How to choose the perfect Coworking Space for my startup in Bangalore city ?

Choosing Perfect Coworking Space in Bangalore
Coworking Spaces are sprucing up home offices or startups around the globe, thanks to its popularity and trend as an alternative workplace for entrepreneurs to evolve their businesses and startups for its cost-effectiveness.
How do I choose the ideal Coworking Space for my startup? How do I pick the perfect shared office space in Bangalore city?
Let’s narrow it down to some pointers to make this easy in this magnum opus of Coworking Spaces in every neighborhood in this huge city.

Establish your needs

First and foremost the question to your approach in finding your space is, Why do we need this space for? What are the goals we need to achieve here as a startup? Compile a list of top priorities in your workspace, this will predetermine the amenities to look for in a potential Coworking space for rent in Bangalore city. Amenities for example, for many meetings and conferences to come, need the perfect meeting rooms as a priority. High-speed
internet, access to space anytime of the day, parking space availability can be the deciding factors to look for in any shared spaces for rent available in the classifieds or through any channels available to find your ideal space.

Why companies thrive in Coworking Spaces?

Explore the locations

Take a trip down the list of all the potential Coworking spaces you have in mind, visit the location and check out the condition of the facility, it’s neighborhood and the amenities they have promised to provide. Check if the location will work for your startup to interact with its potential clients, partners and employees to commute to and fro. Check the vicinity of amenities for the team like coffee shops, fitness center, daycare within walking distance.
Look for a location that will enhance your startup culture and manifests that to its partners.

Perception of its future

Forecasting your growth and analyzing the office shared spaces are enough to withhold your growth, or will you run out of spaces or the location would still help to portray your company culture as it grows. It’s important to have an idea before any membership contracts are executed.
The trend of Coworking Spaces is influencing many traditional office setups or home offices with its perks of employees having their own space or shared spaces, yet interaction with other members if and when desired is an added advantage. Today it can be the perfect option for a startup to reinforce and build its infrastructure for a better tomorrow.
Icowork, is an eco-friendly environment, being the only green building for Coworking Spaces that is energy efficient and incorporated rainwater harvesting and also a visual treat to your eyes with its landscaped green terraces. Located in the city center of Indiranagar Icowork is situated within the vicinity of a metro station and amidst fancy restaurants and cafes. Icowork business suites also offer accommodation to its traveling members including breakfast.
Let’s work together, get a glimpse of your future shared office space at

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