How To Choose Your Co-working Spaces?

How to choose cowork spaces

Coworking spaces, not just a trend but it’s changing the way we work. Freelancers, home office entrepreneurs, now have the choices of using Coworking spaces and not worry about renting spaces to setup office. Partnering with other entrepreneurs as freelancers,  startups, independent contractors that make Coworking spaces best solution which now traditional offices are adapting to hiring employees who can work remotely. Sharing workspaces are still a novelty to many and need guidelines on how to opt for their perfect spaces. Some of the questions, one can ask before deciding on the work environment

  • Many of Coworking spaces offer a trial period for their potential customers, so take advantage of that and try the working environment suits your needs, look at the amenities offered, community that already exists works for your company to interact as potential partners later on.
  • Cost involved when deciding on your ideal workspaces, package deals offered would suit your budget, if weekly, monthly or yearly options are chosen. Also be aware of any facilities are offered by them like WiFi, photocopy machine, print outs free, stationary or working desk.
  • Identify the amenities offered, coffee makers, WiFi usage, multiple types of furniture if required, meeting rooms and any limitations are applied on usage and extra charges need to be paid.

Importantly flexibility of hours using the Coworking space is available, or fixed hours are deemed in certain Coworking spaces

  • Identify other partners in the space you are opting on, this will aid in deciding potential opportunities, development of your organization in the future. Most importantly your comfort level working with them weekly or daily, so you can create your ideal working environment and coexist with other occupants.
  • Ergonomics or comfort design of the fixed or movable furniture is crucial, desks you will be using on a daily or weekly basis should be of ergonomic design for long hours working comforts. If not suitable, check on other options the Coworking space provider can accommodate for you.
  • Connecting with Coworking community helps bring in opportunities and be a part of the community for social activities. Check what kind of social events and gatherings the provider hosts, like sports events, weekend social gatherings, luncheons or development workshops. These events will give an opportunity to blend with other entrepreneurs, can collaborate for future opportunities, also gives a break from the daily routine of working.
  • Coworking spaces make working fun and reinvigorating, helping entrepreneurs to develop their business, networking with other occupants and be a part of a community.

    Icowork, is an eco-friendly environment, being the only green building for Coworking Spaces that is energy efficient and incorporated rainwater harvesting and also a visual treat to your eyes with its landscaped green terraces. Located in the city center of Indiranagar Icowork is situated within vicinity of metro station and amidst fancy restaurants and cafes. Icowork business suites also offer accommodation to its traveling members including breakfast.

    Let’s work together, get a glimpse of your future shared office space at icowork

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