Linking Co-working spaces to success of startups

Linking Co-work Spaces for Success

Recent research scrutinizes the scope of a coworking site and its influence on entrepreneurs. Results are staggering with 63 percent showing a tremendous acceleration in growth of their companies. More than making the co-working space trendier than a traditional office , it boasted amenities like on-site gourmet cafe and fruit flavored water. 

This is just one of the success stories, more startups like Uber, spotify, indiegogo, Instagram and so on be a me multi-million dollar companies , all thanks to starting out of co-working spaces. Today , they have scaled to heights that one couldn’t imagine, with running businesses over billions of dollars world-wide.

Initially for years, coworking spaces were thought ideal for freelancers, independent contractors and small startups. But things have evolved, today many companies of small to huge corporations work out of co-working spaces to save on lease expenses, running an independent office expenses, they adapt co-working to be successful with the perks of networking that happens between members. They can benefit from connections that could be profitable for their companies and establish a community at the same time.

Many world-renowned companies thrived and up-coming enterprises will thrive up-to what heights we can imagine. It is all thanks to the concept of co-working that creates opportunities of networking, collaboration and community working that may become your stepping stone for success in the near future.

Icowork, is an Eco friendly environment, being the only green building for a Coworking Spaces that is energy efficient and incorporated rain water harvesting .Its landscaped terraces are a  visual treat to your eyes. Located in the city center of Indiranagar,  Icowork is located within vicinity of metro station and amidst fancy restaurants and coffee shops. Icowork business suites also offer accommodation to its traveling members including breakfast.

Amenities like WiFi , power backup secured premises, parking for bikes , 24/7 access and many more like services rooms, cafe makes it a place to collaborate, communicate and create as our motto goes.

Let’s work together, get a glimpse of your future shared office space at

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