Should your small business consider a co-working space?

why should small business consider coworking

A home office or a startup business from your garage may eventually grow into a steady business and will outgrow its original space as an office space. It may not be enough to expand your business and hire more workforce to come into your home to work.

It’s that time to take a decision to move out and come into the world of having a formal space as your business place.

This can be done either by renting out a traditional office space or become a part of a Coworking space. You have to weigh your options which work as an ideal space, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the difference between these spaces and opt for the best fit for your business.

  • A traditional rental office will be your own working space but comes with added expenses of rent, internet, phone services, and office furniture and a cleaning crew, while a Coworking space will have a private, semi-private office space with communal meeting rooms, conference includes internet, phone services and cleaning services in the package you opt to run your business, while there is no long-term lease like in a traditional office space.
  •  In a Coworking space, you have to share meeting, conference rooms, café with other entrepreneurs, who could possibly not be your potential ideal partners. Some Coworking spaces may have certain hours of operations, while most these days allow flexible hours to use your working space.
  • If your business is of a seasonal kind, you may want a space that is flexible and no long term contract is needed, a Coworking space will be an ideal option, while traditional office space will need all the bells and whistles of leasing terms and expenditure.

Make sure you weigh both your options and see which works for you in terms of expenses, overheads to set up your business. In today’s world of better technology and networking being the way to do business, Coworking spaces may, after all, be an ideal solution for most startups and home business.

Good Luck!

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