The Place of Constant Return!

the place for constant return

Fresh mornings, broad alleys, trees that stands still, witnessing the vibrant day and night life. Feels good to spot Fitness friends or a bunch of expats jogging along the footpaths of Indiranagar near the park across KFC.

Indiranagar ! it has got its own vibe and feel that makes it an attraction for the young and young-at-heart, workaholics and the couch potatoes, and of course the touristers who tend to fall in love with the whole picture here. Cosmopolitanism and convenience bring into being Indiranagar.

Darshini’s at every corner for filter kaapi , aesthetic cafes on every other road  for the cappuccino freaks. Talk about the restaurants? There are gazillion food places catering to your ever-changing taste buds.

As the city is always going through a transformation giving all the way to high rise shiny apartment, take a quick walk along the Defence Colony in Indiranagar and you will be awestruck with the old bungalows still standing strong and competing with the aesthetics of the modern day world. Let us not forget the well maintained 40-50 years old green canopy of shady trees, giving Indiranagar its own character.

One might not find a big fancy mall in Indiranagar, but sure offers the feeling of living inside one. Multi branded Stores, boutiques, spas and salon along the way offer rejuvenating experience!

As a designer and a budding architect, I love working in coworking spaces like ICOWORK which are vibrant and have friendly people I can relate to.

Now, let’s position a very well designed co-working spacein the aura of Indiranagar.

iCowork is devised to adapt to your growth both in terms of functionality and flexibility. It affords diverse working zones based on your needs i.e Team Zones, Start-up zones, Training Zones, Café zone and chill out zone as well!

Whether you’re a team or an individual aspiring high, this is the place to get the show on the road! 

iCowork also known as Ixora Cowork, acts as a whole community consisting of designers, developers, artists, tourists, high-flyers and all of the hustlers out there!

Talking about the location we are put up in, icowork is less than a minute away from Indiranagar metro station. Also, in the close proximity to must visit places in Bangalore.

For Bangalore is a sponge that has been soaking up talent, every idea starts with a cup of coffee (like officially).Ideal for little more than just coffeecake and conversations, if you wanna work ,grab a bit or read a book, the charming cafes around Ixora Co work offers plenty of good taste and character. You can easily find the most interesting bunch of people at the Third-wave Coffee Roasters On the 12th main, Indiranagar.

If you are a person who prefers whole Zen environment, Yogisthaan is an earthy alfresco setting with calming colors and a menu that caters to vegans as well, keeping in mind ayurvedic principles.

Café coffee day, Infinitea, Matteo Coffea, Lazy Suzy, Mad Teapot Café for nice vibes and delightful ambience!

Pasta Street, Pizza Bakery, Brik oven, Truffles, Glen’s Bake house, Lakeview Milk Bar, are the top attractions around here.

Looking for a crazy party hard kinda weekend ? Indiranagar has so much to offer for the pub lover and the bar hopper all along the fashionable 100 feet road and its adjoining streets. Pecos, Monkey Bar, Toit, Loft 38,Tippler,Vapour,Hangover,PLan B drop by these and prepare to leave on a high! The Infamous Hard Rock Café, MG road  for American classics and amazing burgers!

For all the business enthusiasts, worry not about the traffic because all of the tech parks are reachable in an hour from Icowork .  Embasssy golf Links(EGL), Baghmane Tech Park, RMZ millenia ,ITPL are the major ones.

To have a relaxing weekend, take a tour around the city!

Lalbagh, Cubbon Park, Vidhan Soudha, High court, Bangalore fort, Tipu Sultan”s Summer palace, Bangalore Palace, Mg road, UB city, Iskon Temple are all accessible easily by Namma Metro!

Again, a minute’s walk from Ixora Cowork and you are all set to explore the city!

Ixora Co work welcomes everyone with openness to be a part of the city’s vibe in an friendly work environment!

The unique thing about Icowork or Ixora Cowork is that it exists with its cousin, Ixora Suites and Ixora homestay in a manner that they complement each other and mutually extend their services and support.

Looking forward to start  my next project in  Icowork and experiencing their hospitality

Check them out at  and

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