The positive implications for new relationships and friendships in a Co-working space

The positive implications for new relationships and friendships in a Coworking space

What are the positive implications for new relationships and friendships in a Coworking space? What’s so special about these membership-based workspaces or as we like calling it co-working spaces? Why are they thriving in recent years and why people want to be a part of a co-working community?

Research shows people and businesses thrive in this work environment at least a point over traditional office spaces. Let’s find out how people connect, a relationship starts on a professional basis and then turns to personal relationships. A diversified group at one place that includes freelancers, remote workers, independent professionals working in a communal setup and helping each other, partnering and building a community is more effective than going to an office and working your shift on a daily basis.

Co-working space members feel their work to be more meaningful in a communal environment and they bring their wholeness into their work rather than just doing their job. An important and unique factor is the diversified group of people in different professions seem to carry a stronger identity which makes then interesting and distinctive.

Members feel fulfilled in your work and helping other members out due to your unique skill set makes your day meaningful besides all other perks of a Coworking environment with flexible hours, affordable and being part of a community.

Members get to meet people who are proactive and like hanging out near café or the kitchen and connect with each other. Members consist of different professions, there is less competitiveness, intimidation which makes it easy to mingle with each other.

The ideal setup of your space in a Coworking environment is the private zone and public zone, where one can listen to their iPods and work on their own or mingle with other members when wanting to build friendships. Attending events is another great way to build relationships with other members.

Take part in the events that promote networking among startups, remote workers, freelancers or social causes. It does seem that a well-planned work environment and well-organized work experience will make a difference and demonstrate higher thriving levels than their counterparts, traditional office setups. What helps in this workspace environment is the autonomy of working alone and being themselves.

Icowork, is an eco-friendly environment, being the only green building for Coworking Spaces that is energy efficient and incorporated rainwater harvesting. Its landscaped terraces are a visual treat to your eyes. Located in the city center of Indiranagar, Icowork is located within the vicinity of a metro station and amidst fancy restaurants and coffee shops. Icowork business suites also offer accommodation to its traveling members including breakfast. Amenities like WiFi, power backup secured premises, parking for bikes, 24/7access and many more like services rooms, café makes it a place to collaborate, communicate and create as our motto goes. Let’s work together, get a glimpse of your future shared office space at

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