Why companies thrive in Coworking Spaces ?

Coworking for SME's
The trend of a Coworking environment has been taking leaps and bounds over the years, something
different about working together, yet alone and achieving more versus sitting alone in a cabin in a
traditional office. Coworking spaces basically are on a membership-based with members like freelancers,
independent contractors, or remote workers working together in a community setup.
As per research, it shows a community-based work environment will thrive better than a traditional office
setup. Unlike any traditional offices, Coworking spaces consist of members from various background of
freelancers, venturers, startups or established companies, wherein there is no internal competition or
politics, unlike a traditional office. Here is a Coworking environment members can have their own
identity and showcase their area of expertise.
Also, opportunities to assist or and another member with this expertise or seek another member help in
there are of expertise is possible. Members can share their unique set skills as and when needed in a
Coworking community.
In my opinion, the perks of having accessibility 24/7 in  Coworking spaces to meet a deadline, or take
the afternoon off, or work during off-peak hours is more productive and lucrative. Members can opt for
a quiet workspace when preferred or when wanting to collaborate can use shared workspaces to
interact. Coworking spaces create a community of diversified workers would inspire discipline,
structure, and harmony within members. Members have the option of opting to be part of a discussion
over coffee in the café or be working alone when preferred.
WeWork, which recorded a valuation of $5 billion last December, emphasizes how it “seek[s] to create a
place you join as an individual, ‘me’, but where you become part of a greater ‘we.’”(article in Harvard
business review 2015)
growing trends over rational establishments

Consequences of this growing trend over traditional establishments.

Though this was started to cater to freelancers, startups or IT industry, it is influencing traditional
companies to use this as their company USP for potential employees.
Coworking spaces inspire a desirable working environment with flexibility and diversity. It encourages
connections, interactions to build a work community that may extend beyond working time. It majorly
helps in networking, training, social gatherings and even maybe informal outings between members or
Coworking spaces encourage employees of a company, or freelancers or entrepreneurs to be their self,
which brings out the best in them. Coworking spaces could be the way the world would work not just a
trend started, in coming time.

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