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iCowork is more than just a work-space. We are constantly aspiring to create, diverse and smart community of startups, developers, designers, and artists.

Located in the heart of Indiranagar, right behind the Indiranagar metro station and a minutes walk to 100 ft Road with countless cafes, Breweries and restaurants are just a stroll away.

We enable personalized services, well designed work spaces and a good management to lead you to your success .

We have dedicated office spaces to informal breakaways zones for quick bites, mocktails, lunch meetings, informal interactions and discussions.

Work in a building that is truly green with energy conservation and energy creation working together to reduce our carbon foorprint . Spaces are also visually green from the entrance to the terrace garden level.

Founders of iCowork are associated with diverse communities and organizations to connect you with professionals and experts in various fields. We welcome your guests and host their stays at Ixora Suites which has exclusive studio rooms with bed and breakfast complete.

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From our tremendous experiences we knew what startup and SMEs are looking at their workplace, so rather than iCoworks no one can understand better that us in connecting, collaborating and creating ecofriendly environment and make startups successful.

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