The Place of Constant Return!

the place for constant return

Fresh mornings, broad alleys, trees that stands still, witnessing the vibrant day and night life. Feels good to spot Fitness friends or a bunch of expats jogging along the footpaths of Indiranagar near the park across KFC. Indiranagar ! it has got its own vibe and feel that makes it an attraction for the young […]

Linking Co-working spaces to success of startups

Linking Co work Spaces for Success

Recent research scrutinizes the scope of a coworking site and its influence on entrepreneurs. Results are staggering with 63 percent showing a tremendous acceleration in growth of their companies. More than making the co-working space trendier than a traditional office , it boasted amenities like on-site gourmet cafe and fruit flavored water.  This is just one of […]

The positive implications for new relationships and friendships in a Co-working space

The positive implications for new relationships and friendships in a Coworking space

What are the positive implications for new relationships and friendships in a Coworking space? What’s so special about these membership-based workspaces or as we like calling it co-working spaces? Why are they thriving in recent years and why people want to be a part of a co-working community? Research shows people and businesses thrive in […]

How Co-working spaces create your identities?

How coworking can create your identity

While traditional office setup recruited independent workforce, could not have the luxury of seeking resources and support at coffee shops, homes or any transient locations, today working spaces have evolved into startups, businesses, and support for larger organizations. Remotely located employees get recruited to support on a short-term basis with no contracts, startups with less […]

How To Choose Your Co-working Spaces?

How to choose cowork spaces

Coworking spaces, not just a trend but it’s changing the way we work. Freelancers, home office entrepreneurs, now have the choices of using Coworking spaces and not worry about renting spaces to setup office. Partnering with other entrepreneurs as freelancers,  startups, independent contractors that make Coworking spaces best solution which now traditional offices are adapting to hiring employees who […]

How to choose the perfect Coworking Space for my startup in Bangalore city ?

Choosing Perfect Coworking Space in Bangalore

Coworking Spaces are sprucing up home offices or startups around the globe, thanks to its popularity and trend as an alternative workplace for entrepreneurs to evolve their businesses and startups for its cost-effectiveness.How do I choose the ideal Coworking Space for my startup? How do I pick the perfect shared office space in Bangalore city?Let’s […]

Why companies thrive in Coworking Spaces ?

Coworking for SMEs

The trend of a Coworking environment has been taking leaps and bounds over the years, somethingdifferent about working together, yet alone and achieving more versus sitting alone in a cabin in atraditional office. Coworking spaces basically are on a membership-based with members like freelancers,independent contractors, or remote workers working together in a community setup. As per research, it […]

Cool networking event ideas to host in coworking spaces

Meeting Zone

In the current freelancing and startup ecosystem, networking has become a very crucial aspect of the business. Much focus is being given to creating relationships rather than simply creating business contacts. That is why startup events, conferences and meetups have become vital to establishing vital business relationships. From marketing your products to branding and funding, […]

A UNIQUE CO WORKING SPACE – Natural Light To Elevate Moods In iCowork

Unique Cowork Space

Most Coworking spaces in Bengaluru are mostly introvert and have an uninteresting ambiance. Nobody wants to be stuck in a cubical room continuously. Usually taking long breaks may not be possible, instead of having openings towards an open space, and providing natural light and fresh air to accumulate, this may increase people’s mental flexibility. Why […]

We Are Now An Eco-Friendly iCowork

Ixora cowork to iCowork

It’s been a pleasure to host you at Ixora Cowork and Ixora Suites. Over a period of 4 years, we have evolved with your valuable feedback and support. We take pride in presenting our latest cowork space: iCowork – A green eco-friendly co-working space in the heart of Indiranagar. iCowork gives you streamlined, efficient and Innovative spaces to grow your business. Our facilities […]

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